EngageMOOC Review 2

This week I read two articles on engage MOOC. The 1st one was called “Recognition Is Futile” by Mike Caulfield. It explained how usually people take false information to associate it with reality or what is currently happening, while its not necessarily the truth. The reading showed how students can, not only recognize fake news, but it also showed a process to quickly verify and contextualize news. I found these steps of the process very useful because when it comes to us especially students most of us get our news online, so it is crucial to pause for a moment and think whether this piece of news is true or not, what are the evidence and if the facts and statistics in the article are actually correct.


The second article was called” Education in the (Dis)Information Age” by Kris Shaffer. It uttered the difference between embedding hyperlinks and pasting HTML’s while writing and reading things online some these hyperlinks are not usually credible sources that are frequently biased and have agendas.

Reading this article, I have realized that as we grew up we were taught to to read material straight through books and other print materials that don’t have sidebars or jumps in the flow of the piece as todays online platforms. A lot of people sometimes while reading they tend to skip footnotes until after they’ve finished the chapter. Reading on the web, with embedded hyperlinks, forces the user to disrupt their thought processes. Opening a link in a new tab to read later, or in the moment, is a new skill, and one that needs to be developed.



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