bridging the gaps

Bridging the gaps was an event held by the CLT department where students and professors sat down on the same table discussing what makes them demotivated and motivated to try their best while working together.

I found this event very beneficial for both students and professors. For me it was the first time that I get to sit with a professor on the same table and actually be able to talk and express my opinion to help them improve the learning experience of other students.

The motivations we came up with as students were very interesting. One student said that professors should increase the grades on attendance and participation. The reason behind that was that when professors don’t dedicate a large amount of the overall grade to these attributes students are more likely to skip class and then they lose track of the material and assignments given to them. but if they do otherwise, students know that they can’t skip class because it’s worth a huge part of their final grade and their chances of getting an A in the course is a lot higher than before because they attended all classes.

Another point we agreed on as students and professors is that when there’s a fun environment in the class students tend to enjoy a class so much more unlike if the professor is boring and students can’t wait till the class ends.

BONUSES… are a huge motivation for students. While a lot of professors don’t believe in bonuses, they should think again! Even if they don’t think they don’t feel generous to give students more points they could do it in a different way. For example, they can tell students that if they complete an assignment before the deadline they get a bonus. Instead of doing the opposite and saying that when students submit their assignments late they lose grades.

The last thing we agreed on was the way professors give feedback. Feedback can be tricky sometimes for professors because they want to say to their students that their work is not good enough. However, they should do it in a way that would encourage them to work harder and do better. Some professors are terrible when it comes to feedback, for instance i once had a professor in a graphic design course she had just finished her masters in Germany and returned to Egypt. We had weekly feedbacks on our assignments and she was extremely rude and when my turn comes for feedback I used to be terrified of what is she going to say about my work.

These were the main points we discussed together as students and professors. I think the event was very beneficial for both parties and I hope these insights make a difference in making students’ academic lives better.





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